Thursday, January 11, 2007

There's good news and bad news

The good news is I don't have breast cancer. The bad news is I busted our immersion blender making the sinfully rich tasting chocolate cheesecake pudding Stephanie recommended (see comments from my pudding plea post).

About the cancer...

Yeah, so I've had this dime sized sensitive spot which, because of its stubborn refusal to go away, had me completely convinced that I had some rare form of breast cancer.

I'd all but buried myself in the family plot.

In my less pessimistic moments I'd think, "No, God wouldn't do that to us on top of losing Thomas and battling secondary infertility, would he?" But if there's one thing I've learned, it's that that wacky God is capable of just about anything if it happens to be part of his grand plan. You know, the one he's still not interested in sharing any part of with me.

So into the doctor I went. I worked out my speech in the days leading up to my appointment to avoid the awkward topless babbling scene I'd been playing out in my head. I mean, how does one whip out a boob and ask someone to have a poke at it? The speech included the fact that there was no lump to be found.

That's right, no lump. I went in convinced I had breast cancer despite the lack of any hard evidence whatsoever.

In my speech I conveniently left out the part about me being a wee bit worried that I was slowly coming completely unhinged and had been pondering whether or not this was the start of my full-on hypochondria.

No point in divulging all the gory details. Gotta save some for the next appointment.

Anyway, long story short, after some poking and prodding she told me there was nothing wrong - no lumps, no bumps and thus absolutely nothing to worry about.

Unless you count the fact that I was sitting there half naked grasping at the shredded remnants of the tiny little paper top they gave me to cover myself while she was giving me my diagnosis.

I'm not sure why they give you the little top to put on in the first place if they're going to rip it off you and leave you wearing nothing but tiny ragged paper sleeves, but I digress.

So I'm fine. Crazy, sure, but otherwise fine.


And now, the pudding...

Oh YUM! It's very rich, very thick and totally does not taste like something that's low in fat. Not at all. It wasn't quite as sweet as I would have thought (or maybe would have liked) but that could be easily remedied with a touch more honey.

If you like the taste of cheesecake, this pudding-like dessert is definitely something you should try. However, don't double the recipe and then try to blend it up using an immersion blender because odds are you'll blow the motor.

Trust me.

I plan to work my way through all the recipe suggestions and even if you don't particularly care, I'm going to write a review of each one I try.

Because now that I don't have breast cancer pudding seems all the more sweet.


BasilBean said...

I had something similar going on with one of my breasts several months ago and my husband told me that it was hurting because I kept poking at it--not the other way around. I didn't want to belive him, but then he told me that about a year after all of his cancer treatments were through his remaining testicle started to hurt a lot. He told his doctor about it and his doctor asked him if he was "checking it." Sure enough, the doctor said that he just needed to leave it alone and the pain would stop. It did...he was fine. So was I.

Katie said...

OK first, glad no cancer.

Second, freaking blender.

Third, How in the world are you able to capture SO MANY of the same things I think, but your delivery is so much more entertaining.

"...if it happens to be part of his grand plan. You know, the one he's still not interested in sharing any part of with me."

"I mean, how does one whip out a boob and ask someone to have a poke at it? "


Aurelia said...

It could also be a hormonal thing, I get sore spots, or tiny lumps that go away in a week, depending on my estrogen progesterone levels. If it keeps being sore and doesn't stop, go back and insist on an ultrasound or mammo. If the sore spot goes away, thank god, and keep on going!

kate said...

I am glad there is no cancer...and yeah, a little hypochondria never hurt anybody. I have attacks myself every now and again...

And i will have to try that recipie!

Ruby said...

First, I'm glad there was no cancer.

Second, Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I could almost FEEL the hug :)