Monday, November 19, 2007

Our 5th anniversary getaway, or, How I used my anniversary as an excuse to eat my way through Montreal

In case you think I'm kidding, I give you exhibit A:

These are the remains of our last dinner in Old Montreal (I packed away one more pierogi and scarfed down most of the sauerkraut after I took this shot).

The restaurant was Polish. We were hungry. Kismet.

And yes, as a matter of fact those are three plates you see there on the table. As yes, there were only two of us on this trip. We ordered three dinners that night, just 'cause we could. It was that kind of a trip.

C'mon, it's very, very hard to choose between peirogi and potato pancakes.

We loved Montreal. It tastes really, really good.


niobe said...

How cool...I've never been to a Polish restaurant.

miraclebaby said...

mmmmm, never had polish food, either, but you're making me hungry!

Renae said...

Hmm, pierogies! We're going to MI for Christmas and I can't wait for homemade pierogies!

By the way, we're doing the same thing this weekend - eating our way thru Chicago for our anniversary! Nice plan!

Megan said...

Your trip sounds perfect to me.
The last time I went to Montreal I had "duck in a can" at Au Pied du Cochon. It's half a duck and a lobe of foie gras canned with glace du viande that the waiter opens with a can opener at the table and dumps in a mound of greasy goodness on your plate.
(And we'd had Portuguese grilled chicken at a place on Rachel St. for lunch already)
Honestly, food is the ONLY thing I really enjoy anymore.

Rosepetal said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Bronwyn said...

I was on a blog hiatus and missed this post -- I bet you were at the Stash, weren't you?! I love that place -- I want to go there for my birthday this week.

Glad you had a great time. Happy (belated) anniversary!