Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I wish I could say it with chocolate

Thank you seems so inadequate. A dozen chocolate cupcakes with thick buttercream icing for every single person who sent loving thoughts, said prayers and did good deeds this week seems like a much more appropriate way to show my appreciation. But since that's impossible (and dangerous, given how many times I'd "need" to "test" the cupcakes for quality assurance purposes) a simple but very, very heartfelt thank you will have to suffice.

And I really, really mean it. Thank you.

Knowing that the world was a kinder place this week because Thomas once lived (and because people still care and remember) means the world to us, and we're stunned by your generosity and determination to find ways to honour his memory.

There was the friend who bought a grocery gift card and asked the clerk to give it to the next person in line, there was the blogger who picked up a mother and two kids waiting at a bus stop and drove them home, there were a number of people who helped neighbours and strangers dig out of from under the ungodly amount of snow we got this weekend, there were generous donations to incredibly worthy charities, and there were countless promises of secret random acts of kindness to come that we'll never know about.

Ripples into eternity indeed.

Thank you.


Becky said...

You and Thomas deserve this and more. I wish I could do something so nice for him every day. Maybe I will start.

Katie said...

Like Becky, I wish that there was MORE that I could do to help.

In addition to posting a memory link on my blog, I also donated a blanket in his name to our local NICU. I do that whenever someone has an anniversary coming up and you and Thomas deserve at least that.

Always thinking of you and that sweet little man.