Thursday, April 03, 2008

A public service announcement

Please, for the love of God, if you live in the Greater Toronto Area visit Cravings Ice Creamery at Dundas and Third Line in Oakville. They're open 7 days a week, noon to 9:00pm, and they serve what may possibly be the world's greatest ice cream.

I kid you not. And I never exaggerate. Ever. Not once in my entire life.

It's a family owned business (and no, not a branch of my family, although if they were they'd be my favourite relatives), and I'm terrified that it's going to go under and leave me ice-creamless, simply because family owned businesses sadly so often just don't seem to make it.

I'm what the kids call an ice cream connoisseur. Trust me, I know my ice cream (you need only look at my ass for proof) and I'm telling you, The Ice Creamery people know what they're doing.

They push samples on you like crazy, waving little plastic spoons in your face from the moment you step in the door (which is how I know that the apple crumble tastes just like a piece of apple pie and that I suspect rum & raisin might leave you a little tipsy if you eat enough of it). Seasonal flavours like egg nog, gingerbread and pumpkin pie for the holidays are reason enough to venture in, but it's the warmth and charm of the owners that will keep you coming back.

Okay, I'm lying. It's totally the ice cream that will keep you coming back.

And if you go, you're likely to see my ass in there too.


loribeth said...

I'm on the other side of the GTA... but if I am ever out that way, I will have to make a detour!!

Erin said...

It just so happens I have to go to Pet Connection (3rd & UM) to get dog food this afternoon and maybe we'll just have a stop. Who cares if it's raining, it's always good weather for ice cream!

Julie said...

Thanks for the tip on where to get fabulously delicious ice cream. We'll be sure to check it out the next time we are in Oakville (possibly this spring, but for sure this summer :) )

Julia said...

Sounds like a good reason to come to Toronto. Yum.