Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If one more person...

...with living children says, "Oh, you can take him/her!" when I comment on the cuteness of their child, I'm gonna.

You've been warned.


missing_one said...

People are giving away children? Excellent! Could you pick one up for me?
Who knew it was that easy?

loribeth said...

LOL!! I have a cyberfriend -- childless not by choice -- who called someone on that one once. When the mom said, "You wanna take her?" she said, "Sure!" She dropped to her knees & said to the little girl, "You want to come home with me to live? I would love to have a little girl like you!" Both mother & daughter looked horrified. I'm willing to bet the mom never said anything like that to anyone again. ; )

Mrs. Spit said...

Me too please. I'm not picky, boy or girl. No snotty noses though. I"m not good at those.

I am sorry. Those are hard words to hear.

B said...

It's what I find hardest holding other peoples babies. It's not the holding them I mind, it's letting them go again.

I'll take one too please

Erin said...

I'm guilty as charged. When you're in a store and they are having full blown tantrums it's hard not to offer them as payment.

If it helps any, if someone accepted my offer I'd still never really give them away.

I'm sorry. It's never meant to hurt anyone, only to keep my own sanity.

Amy, queen of the world. said...

I've never offered mine to anybody, but since he's so outgoing, he reaches out to anybody who gives him attention...they all say "Aww do you want to come home with me??" And THEN I will say "Oh, you'll bring him back." Can I still forewarn them? :)

And I am just kidding, of course, because I do understand what you're saying. I wish more people WOULD give up their children instead of doing such a horrendous job of raising them themselves. This is a teacher speaking, too.

Sarah said...

I love this post. Truly. I've often wondered just what the screaming parent on the other side of the counter would do if I calmly walked over, picked up their child and left. I mean, if they are screaming at them in public, and give me the "ugh! This kid just wont shut up!" face.....its fair game right?

Katie said...

Yes, oh, yes.

I do have a baby now, but those comments still irk the hell out of me.

Once, right after we had been to an adoption fair, we went to dinner with some friends and their son was being two. The dad said, "You want him?"

Without missing a beat, and deadly serious, I said, "Yes, absolutely, we have an adoption attorney now, let's draw up the papers."

He never said it again.