Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lost and found

The microscopic screw just fell out of one of the nose pads on my glasses. I discovered it had gone AWOL when I picked up my glasses to put them on and the right nose pad fell to the floor. It bounced along the plastic chair mat and came to rest dangerously close to the vent cover. Naturally, the screw was nowhere in sight.

Sighing, I got down on my hands and knees to search for the screw. Fighting with lint, dust, crumbs and enough toe jam to knit a whole new sock (seriously, how long has it been since I vacuumed under this desk??) I started to get discouraged. As a hunk of hair (which needs washing -- my next task) fell across my face and blocked my view of the crap on the floor I started asking no one in particular how many more things I have to lose. And then I started getting mad. Haven't I lost enough? Aren't the gods finished with me YET? It's just a screw, dammit, but come ON. I've just about had it, is what I thought to myself.

So I gave up looking. And that's when I found it, sitting quietly and quite peacefully on a piece of unopened mail on top of the desk. Is this some sort of message from said gods? I have no idea. But I am glad that at least they decided not to screw me today.

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