Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Because I'm just crazy enough to do it

Okay, Baskin-Robbins Canada (who aren't even participating in the "Bump Day" promotion) are going to think I'm a complete raving lunatic, but I needed to complain to someone.

I said I wanted a free pint. I said all the people left out of their cruel and exclusionary free-cone celebration of fertility want a free PINT of ice cream.

I'm sure it'll fall on deaf ears (because really, what are we supposed to do - bring in copies of our failed charts? OB/RE notes? IUI and IVF receipts? Empty Clomid wrappers?), but at least I feel a little better now.

More or less.



Bon said...

i'm not sure from the post if you did it or not...but i hope you did. not because the free pint will taste anything but bitter, petty consolation as it is, but because maybe they're realize how much their stupid campaign hurt those who don't need to be hurt any more, for chrissake.

Julia said...

Rock on! I thought that promotion was pretty tasteless and cruel. Clearly the marketing geniuses behind it are all like 22 and obsessively taking the pill or buying condoms by the case.