Saturday, October 25, 2008

A journey of a thousand miles

Five years ago today we lost our first baby. For 10 weeks and 6 days I carried what we thought was a healthy baby until a long, painful night in the ER revealed that our child never really started growing at all.

"Products of conception" and "blighted ovum" were the words they used to describe the baby we so desperately wanted. I became a statistic instead of a mother that night, and My Beloved began his studies in how to survive being a bystander; desperate to help, but completely unable to do a single thing to fix what was going so catastrophically wrong.

I remember the pain, the blood, the fear and the numbness. The miserable, condescending nurse and the kind one that glowed like an angel. The unsure young doctor and the terse veteran. The reassuring anesthesiologist and the brusque OB. The D&C, the recovery, and the chest wracked with sobs.

And so began our journey.

Sending kisses to heaven with assurances that you are not forgotten, wee one.


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AnnaMarie said...

Much love to you tonight

Kim said...

Sending all the healing thoughts I can spare.

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Lori said...

This is the first time I have learned that you and I would have been in the hospital at the exact same time- both losing babies we wanted so very much.

Separated by geography, but forever united by a silent understanding.

Thinking of you.

kate said...

I am sorry....(((((hugs)))))

Polka Dot said...

It shouldn't happen to anyone.