Sunday, March 08, 2009


I'm much better tonight.

I just forgot that it's okay to allow yourself to feel sad. I wasn't purposely ignoring it, but that's absolutely what I was doing; focusing on the good and pretending there was no bad at all.

For balance and sanity it is, unfortunately, necessary to feel everything.

Once I gave in and just let myself hurt, I started to feel better. It sounds counter intuitive, but for some reason acknowledging the dark somehow makes it okay to bask in the light.

Okay, I'm not exactly basking - let's be honest. But I do feel better.

So what if there's a little mind-game action going on? That's necessary too. On days like this, very necessary indeed.


Mrs. Spit said...

Yes. And not only is it necessary, you deserve to grieve.


Rosepetal said...

It's already Thomas' birthday here in Europe. Happy birthday little one. You're so loved and missed.


Icantletitgo said...

Happy birthday Thomas