Friday, March 06, 2009

Prayers and a plea

I admit that I don't really understand how prayers work anymore. I used to. Or I thought I did, anyway. But the useless, frantic prayers I said for Thomas weren't answered - at least not the way I wanted them to be - and I've remained very wary of the "power of prayer" ever since.

But just in case they are sometimes heard and answered in ways that bring us smiles instead of tears, could you remember a friend of mine in yours today? She underwent a kidney transplant a week ago yesterday and things aren't looking very good.

She says she can feel the prayers being sent her way. If this is true, I'd love for her to feel more. As many as you can spare.

I'm sending mine too, but I worry that mine are too small. Too weak. I have little faith in my own prayers and in their ability to be heard.

Please. Help?


Mrs. Spit said...

Praying. What's her name (I know that God knows it, but I like to write it down in my journal)

Icantletitgo said...

I understand completely the feeling that your prayers are too weak, too small. I feel that way too. I have for years, even before my son died. But, I have to believe that God knows our hearts even when we are too weak in our faith to think they matter. God is bigger than us, bigger than this and I have to believe that he can handle it...even if we can't. Keep believing that God hears your prayers, even when they are barely a whisper. I will pray for your friend.

Beth said...

You got it.

Terynn said...

I will pray for your friend, too. God is honored by your asking and IMHO, He is not at all offended by your 'weak' faith.