Friday, September 29, 2006

One small step

I just fired off a letter to my MP asking for help with getting October 15th officially recognized in Canada too.

We shall see.

The government failed my son miserably when he was alive. Having only one OB on duty in a hugely busy hospital labour and delivery ward is unthinkably stupid and, frankly, borders on negligent - and it cost my son his life.

Let's see what the government is willing to do for him now that he's gone.

Fingers crossed.


delphi said...

I would love to do the same. Are you interested in sharing your letter with me? eightmillionpieces at gmail dot com

Even so, I think that I will send a letter to my immesurably stupid MP. He isn't any good at most things political, but he is always abord when there is a bandwagon to ride. And I am not above using that to my advantage!

Katie said...

Bravo, ladies! Delphi, in your letter, perhaps mention Certainly Not Cool Enough's letter? So that this person knows there is more than one MP being approached. Let them battle over who gets the props for being on board first!

Sherry said...

Kudos to you for doing this, too. I was so happy (in that bittersweet sort of way) yesterday when I came home to find that Congress had passed it.

Infant loss - and pregnancy loss of any kind - is so important and needs to be properly acknowledged. I really don't think the general public has any idea how many members are in our sad and unfortunate "club." Everyone always assumes tragedies like ours happen only to other, faceless people. Maybe the increased awareness and advocacy can change misconception.

Nikki said...

That is a great idea Kristin maybe I will write my MP a letter to, I guess the more the better right??Keep us posted on any feedback

Denise said...

I will write my MP as well.

kate said...

Good for you!

Margaret said...

Wishing you good luck in your quest. I hope you are successful.