Thursday, June 14, 2007

Little of this, little of that

We watch old 80s sitcoms. They soothe us. Lately we can't get enough of The Facts of Life, even though it's a shockingly bad program (a fact I somehow failed to notice when I watched it the first time around 20+ years ago).

So anyway, the other day I noticed that my current hairstyle very closely resembles Natalie's 1987 hair style.


This is not good, is it?

I recently read this little gem in a piece of Harry Rosen Father's Day ad copy:

"Becoming a father is easy enough, but being one can be rough."

Oh really? Becoming a father is easy, is it? Says who? Seriously, Harry, says WHO????

As for being rough, well yes. I think My Beloved would agree that fatherhood, thus far, has not been what he expected it to be. But I'm also pretty sure he'd give his left arm to do it a second time.

So shut up Harry Rosen. No one likes you.


I've now forgotten to bring the coupon I snagged for a free bag of Lucy's favourite cat kibble to the store with me twice.

Clearly I'm not sunny enough yet.


I want to be pregnant again so badly.

There. Just in case God wasn't paying attention the first 9 billion times I've said this.


My New Dawn climbing rose bush is just starting to bloom for the very first time. I have been training it along the fence and trellises I bought for it, and gently pulling stray branches back onto our side of the fence.

The first blooms about to pop are running along the top of the trellis, too far above the fence for me to reach, and tipping into the yard behind us.

They have two boys. The first is 6 months older than Thomas would have been, the second is 6 months younger. They are pregnant with their third child, due in October. Exactly when she wanted to have it, just like the other two.

Two boys, a baby on the way and my first, beautiful roses too.

How nice for them.


I took a Windex shower this morning.

Yeah, so don't buy the Windex outdoor window cleaning thingy. It's a bottle that you attach to your hose to spray clean your exterior windows.

I sprayed me clean instead.


I wonder if Harry Rosen and Windex can sue me for ragging on them?


My father has diabetes. My father-in-law was just diagnosed too.

I love these men. I hate when bad things happen to good people that I love.

This needs to stop.


I'm not in a bad mood. I have no idea why I sound like I am.


My hands and arms are getting really tanned from being out in the garden and mowing the lawn. The rest of me is white as a ghost. I'm not trying to tan, but I kind of wish if I was going to end up with one, it would be an even, all over tan.

My hands look like they belong to someone else when they're resting on my bare legs or stomach.

It's creepy.

I need to post some garden pictures. Just because I have some.


Has pregnancy changed anyone else's hair?

Natalie's is so sleek and shiny and flowing. Just like mine used to be.



Aurelia said...

I sound cranky too quite often, even though I'm not.

And I'm also getting a farmer tan, from like the elbows down...

Samantha said...

I like your ramblings...they make me laugh.

mscooter44 said...

What channel does "The Facts of Life" come on?

I need to know.

Heather said...

I think I come across cranky a lot on my blog too - even when I'm not. I think it goes with the turf.

Maybe his roses wanted to get to know the kids who would have played with him.

There is one sure-fire way to get an all over tan...and then maybe your roses would come back to your side to see you. Just a thought.