Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's a cop out, but at least it's pretty

Good God. I've started this post three times now.

I have many things to say and nothing's coming out quite right.

I can't even make it to the next paragraph. Started that twice.


Perhaps I'll just leave you with a picture of Thomas' tree since my words are failing me so cruelly tonight.

Last year the tree turned red, but as you can see this year it's orange and yellow instead. I knew he would have been a mischievous little imp, that boy.


Katie said...

What a beautiful tree.

Ok that last sentence reads so lame. But it really is beautiful.

Erin said...

It looks beautiful

kate said...


miraclebaby said...

Lovely tree!

The Town Criers said...

I hope he keeps playing those tricks on you year after year so you can still feel him close.

Thank you for your comment yesterday. I think it's such a different reason than what others wrote about playing the comparing game. And I think you found the positive side--it helps you cope. It helps you feel okay to grieve.