Thursday, April 19, 2007


I finished this in bed this morning. It arrived in the mail on Tuesday, and after reading as much as I could before falling asleep two nights in a row (which isn't a reflection on the book at all - it's just symptomatic of my age, unfortunately), I woke up this morning and devoured the remaining half in one sitting.

And at the end - at the close of the very last paragraph - I bawled my little eyes out.

Maybe it's because I know the kind of loss that shakes you to your very core too, or maybe it's because I know that parts of this magical tale actually happened. Or maybe it's because I want the ending to be true more than you can possibly imagine.

But whatever the case, this book moved me tremendously.

Thank you Stephanie, for sharing this story with a world that needs to know it.

And Thomas, just in case she's right and you need to hear it, I'm okay. Mommy's okay, sweetie pie.

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Aurelia said...

hmm, this sounds good. I'll have to pick it up.