Thursday, April 19, 2007

She has a home at last!

We'll be bidding the old girl a fond farewell early Saturday morning. A high school north of us has expressed interest in having her for their auto shop class and we're more than happy to hand her over to start such a productive new life.

I say we're happy, but if I'm going to be honest with you (and me) the confirmation made me a little sad - a feeling you really probably shouldn't waste on a car, but do anyway. At least I do, because I'm a lunatic who forms sentimental attachments to virtually anything and everything. It's the reason we have a 23-year old gingerbread cookie on our Christmas tree every year (mummified, and still looking quite fetching, if I do say so myself).

I know they're just things. And I know there are more important things than things. But still...

Goodbye, old friend.


niobe said...

I'm glad you found a new home for your car.

And I know what you mean about forming sentimental attachments to all kinds of inappropriate (or at least unusual) things. In fact, sometimes I'm afraid to buy an object, because all I can think of is how sad I'll be when the time comes to get rid of it.

JMB said...

While I know that it is a good thing to donate the car, I totally get what you mean about feeling bad about it. Case in point? I cried uncontrollably when my dad drove away my first car to trade it in for a different one. I was moving quite a distance for law school, and dad didn't want me to have something that old with that may miles when I was going to be so far away. I stil miss my '84 black and silver Celebrity with the sport rims and the burgundy interior and the AC that worked when it wanted to.