Friday, April 27, 2007

We're just going to have to accept the fact...

...that I'm evidently too lazy to write two posts in one day.

So once again, here's where you can find the Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss Blog Directory Friday blog roundup.

P.S. The rabbits? Well, you have to admit that they're pretty good at making you think they're dumber than a box of hair. They seem to have two defense mechanisms - running very fast or standing very still and pretending that you can't see them, even if you're standing just a few feet away and staring them right in the eye.

C'mon now, standing still is a stupid thing to do when something 20 times bigger than you is within easy striking distance. Unless you're invisible. Which rabbits are not.

And with this damning evidence, we conclude that rabbits are morons.

Except that they aren't. They're crafty. They're smart enough to find the tiniest holes in an otherwise rabbit proof fence, and they're smart enough to eat away the bottom branches of a willow bush that hasn't even been in the ground for a year yet.

And, in a brazen show of defiance, they're smart enough to leave clusters of Coco Puffs all over the lawn for you to step in as you make your way to the ravaged bush.

See? Smarter than the average bear indeed.

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