Thursday, April 12, 2007

Maybe it was the pizza?

It's a quiet sort of day here. We ate something yesterday. Something bad. The evil is slowly doing its business and we're just quietly waiting for it all to be over.

Sitting quietly.


So much fun.

The end.


Abby said...

Ewwwww, no fun at all! If we lived closer, I'd bring you guys some soup. Or ice cream. Or, you know, something that sounded good and didn't make you sick. Feel better soon!

niobe said...

Hope you feel better soon. Recovering from food poisoning can be a slow, extremely unpleasant process.

I once got food poisoning while overseas. Our flight was the next day, but I felt so awful and weak, I could barely get out of bed. And in the state I was in, I didn't really care if we missed the flight. In the end, I practically had to be carried to the airport.

Ruby said...

Hope you both feel better soon!

Hope you have someone close by who could help.