Sunday, October 14, 2007


As My Beloved pointed out this afternoon, the Christmas ornament habit we've been feeding of late isn't harming anyone. It's not like it's crack or booze or anything. it's just ornaments.

Well, yeah, there's wine every now and then. But mostly it's ornaments. We go to Christmas stores. We go to Hallmark. We go to Carlton Cards. We look at them online. We seek them out at toy shows (which is where we found the two we gasped at and took home this afternoon - Fisher Price classics turned into tree danglers. I mean come ON, how could anyone in their 30s resist these?).

Ornaments are our porn. Pornaments, if you will.

You do what you have to do, right? You do what works. And right now ornament porn it is.

I suspect by this point we are dangerously close to needing a third tree, but we'll worry about that another time, shall we?


Renae said...

LOVE the ornaments! Where in the world did you find them? I have a similar obsession with ornaments although my husband isn't as game.

Sherry said...

That's an awesome way to indulge in porn - err, your guilty pleasure. ;-)

Who can resist ornaments like that - that all of us 30-somethings fondly remember from our childhood. Those are my favorite kind of ornaments!

Anonymous said...

THREE trees. I can't wait to see your house at the holidays.

pipsylou said...

I have a hard time thinking what you would do if, like me, you had a relative who got you a 50% discount at Hallmark?

I am a minimalist and have never gotten into the ornament thing but I can see how you could!

I have been reading a long long time and have never had anything insightful to say. Just know I am thinking of you and reading and thinking of your babies and mine today!!!!!!

I can feel what an empathetic and amazing person you are through your words.


ess said...

I like ornaments because... they're ornamental. And I'm sentimental. And also... I'm a little mental.

That's all.