Monday, September 05, 2005

A journey of a thousand miles

We're walking fiends these days, my beloved and I.

Today we went for an hour long walk around our neighbourhood after breakfast and then ended up at Bronte Park (a local Provincial park) after lunch where we wandered around for another couple of hours taking pictures and enjoying the sights and sounds. The trails and scenery there are just beautiful and it was nice to find ourselves deep in the woods, all alone, with a canopy of bright green leaves over our heads and the sweet smell of the forest thick in the air.

The trail we hiked ended up at the barns (there's a working hobby farm in the middle of the park) where the scents hanging in the air were a little more pungent and pig-like, but it was still really nice.

There's something quite sweet about watching pigs wallow in mud. They looked truly blissed out all caked in the wet, thick mud. Now I know what 'happy as a pig in shit' actually means. They certainly did look content and pretty happy with life in general.

And I envied them. Geez, it's come to this - envying pigs.

Anyway, pig envy aside, I like these kinds of days. My beloved and I were together, we walked ourselves almost to the point of exhaustion and we feel satisfied that we didn't waste this spectacularly beautiful day.

I think we are almost as happy as those two little porkers rolling in the muck. Almost.

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Jill said...

Yeah, you REALLY did use the day well. Maybe I need to take a leaf from your book and start appreciating lovely days by getting out into them:)