Saturday, October 14, 2006

The great escape

We ran away from home for a few days this week, all the way to Niagara Falls.

That's me. The Falls are back there somewhere too.

I highly recommend running away from home every now and then. It's not great for the waistline (I ate pretty much everything that wasn't nailed down - mmmmm, cheesecake) but it's very, very good for the soul.

Now go on, you go somewhere too. And let me know what you had for dessert.


Thistlemchays said...

It isn't much, but I left the house alone and got myself a cup of coffee. Simple pleasures! :O)

kate said...

Great picture! LOL

Seriously you have such pretty eyes. And i do agree that going away is very good!

Lisa P. said...

We went to Baltimore this weekend. I didn't have much dessert, but seafood, oh yes.

MB said...

How great for you guys! Did you get one of those romantic little suites and a quaint hotel?