Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where am I?

I'm lost in a sleepy, irritable and slightly bloaty Clomid haze.

If you see me wandering helplessly through the streets looking confused and a little pissed off, please give me a cookie and point me in the general direction of home. Or the closest bakery.


JellyJen said...

The cookies are at my house so I'll direct you there and we can stuff our Clomid bloated bellies w/them! ((HUGS))

whatthef*ck said...

"But to everyone who hasn't passed me by, thank you. I am where I am today because you've been brave enough to walk with me every step of the way."

That is a beautiful thing that you wrote. Sometimes, usually, I forget to be grateful for the people who've walked with me after losing Little Charlotte and even littler melman. There are few of them who stuck with me after both of these disasters. But all I really need is just a few.

Thanks for walking with me on my blog. Big, huge wishes for success getting knocked up.

Abby said...

If you make it to Oklahoma, I've got a nice, yummy batch of fudge ready and waiting. H&S!