Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The joy of multicoloured yarn

And tassels - the joy of tassels too! I just figured out how to make them (shut up, I'm slow) and I'm now I'm fully immersed in a passionate love affair with tassels.

As for the yarn (which I'm also loving), why is it that when it's multicoloured it's called ombre?

Ombre. It sounds like it should be wearing a black Stetson and reeking of whisky and horse manure. It makes no sense to me. If I researched the origin of the word it might, but I can't be bothered, so I'll just continue to enjoy the dark, dangerous sounding yarn that ends up looking so pretty when it's crocheted. And especially when it's made into tassels.

Mmmmm. Tassels.

P.S. Since some of you asked (and I'm going to assume you weren't just being kind to the crazy yarn lady) I'm thinking of setting up a separate website where you can buy the hats. God knows it would be useful to have an actual legitimate reason to keep making them (since I can't stop and it's starting to get very cluttered and yarny around here) so if someone's willing to buy them, we'll all be happy. Me and the hats, I mean.


Rosepetal said...

Definitely set up a separate website! Make sure it takes international orders :-).

Scrappy_Lady said...

Woohoo!! I cannot wait to get some snuggly hats!

Shannon said...

Are all of the hats baby-sized, or do you make them for toddlers and older kids too?

Erin said...

If you set up a site, I will gladly by Phoenix a hat!

Also, if you need any tech help getting it up and running, then look no further.

Kim said...

I would buy a hat!

Thistlemchays said...

I might be interested in a toddler-sized hat myself...

Chrissy said...

Yay A website! I personally liked that halloween cap and it would come in handy since it is often chilly here for Halloween.

Kristen said...

I read an article in a magazine today and though of you and your pretty hats.

Have you seen this website?

I'm not sure if the hats are used as a gimmick or if they are actually going to babies in need but I thought I'd pass the information along in case you were interested.

From their site:
Can something as simple as a knit or crochet cap help save a newborn life?

In many poor countries, the answer is yes. Four million newborns die each year within the first
month of life – half within only the first 24 hours after being born.
But a package of simple health measures provided to mothers and babies worldwide, including
antibiotics to fight infections, training for skilled birth attendants, immunizations against tetanus,
education on breastfeeding and basic care such as drying a newborn baby and keeping it warm
(this is where the caps come in!) could prevent 70 percent of these deaths.

Lori said...

ohhhhhh hats!! I would LOVE to be able to buy one (or more!)

smileyeily323 said...

Ohhhh I love the hats! You are getting so creative!

I am so excited to hear that you are going to open a "hat store"! :)

Definitely put Eily on the waiting list! The girl loves hats, and we already know how much she loves your handy-work!:)

Woman_Who_Knits said...

I love the term ombre too! Reminds me of the Friends episode where Joey's sells the cologne!!! =)

What yarn are you using??? These newest hats look great!!

Have you tried Bev's Country Cottage for patterns?? She has a ton of crochet hat patterns!!

Julie said...

I love your hats! So cute and colourful. I would definitely buy some :)