Friday, October 20, 2006

Things I love

In no particular order...

Cake. I love cake. In fact one of my very first blogs was about my overwhelming affection for cake. Almost two years later my love for cake is still as strong as ever. I can never resist its sweet siren song. Seriously. Never.

I didn't take this picture and I don't know exactly where in Muskoka, Ontario it is, but that region is one of the most beautiful in the world and a place that holds some of my dearest childhood memories.

Thomas' angel wings, high atop our Christmas tree last year. I found them at Canadian Tire, of all places, and knew that they had to have a place of honour on our tree - which is where they'll find themselves this year and every year.

Me Beloved tending the beets in our little vegetable garden. He's so proud of that garden (he designed and built the frame and is usually responsible for the majority of the harvesting) and I love it because it reminds me of how much I love him.

Lucy. Sweet, simple Lucy. She's been a loyal and loving companion to me for almost 10 years. She's always there with a deafening purr when I'm desperate for something to cuddle and all she asks for in return is a Lucy size share of the bed, a few treaties every once in a while and breakfast RIGHT NOW. BREAKFAST NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW.

This always makes me laugh - the whole idea of it. I asked my sibling to put together a vegetable platter for a BBQ My Beloved and I threw in the summer, and this is what we ended up with. A weird fruit guy. Oh, and some vegetables too. She never fails to disappoint, my sibling.

Last Christmas was unspeakably difficult for a million different reasons, but this moment - this shot of my Dad by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve - was one that brought me a momentary feeling of peace. I had so few last year, and I'm glad I captured this one on film to remind me that even in the midst of hell there are the briefest glimpses of heaven if you look hard enough to find them.

There. That ought to help me make it through another round of Clomid.


mscooter said...

Cakes, cats, and Christmas. What a combination!

Whatever gets you through these next 10 days, I say.

hugs to you.

Rosepetal said...

What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Laura said...

That was great! I had a terrible day today--nothing bad happened, but it was one of those "feeling really sorry for myself days". Your post cheered me up!

kate said...

Beautiful pictures....

And cake...chocolate cake...mmmmn. Let me share. You may have your own favorite recipie but our household favorite is this one:
Double Chocolate Layer Cake

Use the richest buttermilk you can find...I am curious if my little html-in-the-commment-box worked...

kate said...

Heh, it worked!

Oh, also i use the ganache in the recipie for the top icing but make a chocolate buttercream to put it the middle, that makes it really good.

maureen said...

I love what you said about finding a little bit of heaven even in the midst of our most hellish times...words to live by...what a beautiful post.

kimberm71 said...

Your first pic has inspired me to get off the computer and have a large helping of the chocolate cake I baked over the weekend :-)