Friday, February 16, 2007

And good morning to you too

So today's charming newspaper factoid was that babies conceived as a result of fertility treatments (although true to journalistic form they didn't specify which kind of fertility treatments) face a 58% greater risk of birth defects. Although again, no indication of the kind or severity of such defects.

So, not only am I 58% more likely to conceive a child with defects, I'm more likely to die when I deliver it via C-section. Fantastic.

The newspaper is full of all kinds of treasures for me this week.

If it wasn't for the fact that this same paper miraculously saw fit to report that Hallmark just released a new line of cards for "real life challenges we face today" that includes cards for those who have suffered miscarriages and are dealing with infertility, I would take Kate's suggestion and just stop reading altogether.

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Aurelia said...

Just to be little reassuring, that study was grouping the multiples, (who had the most defects due to prematurity) from the singletons, (hardly any defects). They separated them out later. And the c-section study was mainly about the "too posh to push" crowd, not the medically necessary ones.
Not that the media reported any of this accurately, *Sigh* twits...