Saturday, June 07, 2008

Public Service - Summer Reading

One of my current freelance jobs involves reading books and then writing questions for the authors to answer. The Q&As finds their way to an online book club.

This, for the record, is my dream job and I'm astonished that it found its way to me (you know, what with my history of staggeringly bad luck and catastrophe and all). It's beyond cool that I can ask absolutely anything I want, especially when a question about the story or a character - or even the author - is really nagging at me, making me desperate for an answer.

I'm nosy and I love books. This is the perfect job for a nosy book lover.

Anyway, I just finished a couple of books that I thought were fantastic. Both are very different, but each completely captivating in its own way.

If you're putting together your summer reading list, may I humbly recommend:

Burning Bright

The Ten Year Nap

A shady spot, a warm summer breeze, a cold glass of iced tea, a week off, and a stack of books. Perfection.


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