Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ugh, I intended for this post to be a photo retrospective of sorts - a cool visual way to end ICLW week. But I just made the fatal error of spending a bit too much time looking at the photos we have of Thomas in the hospital. And now, well, I'm spent.

The very hospital-y shots we have of him are always so shocking. Precious, of course, but startling. In my mind, he's the peaceful, gorgeous baby in the pictures we have framed in our bedroom and living room. No tubes, no wires - no obvious evidence of a hospital. The ones in which the hospital is not disguised, however, always take my breath away. In a bad way.

So this is going to have to do, this funny shot of me covered in cats. It was late summer of 2004, and I was doing what I did best during the first 10 weeks or so of my pregnancy with Thomas. Tired? Who me?

Whilst I was making good use of the couch, I became a mattress for Lucy (our cat) and my sister's two kittens who we were cat-sitting that week.

Apparently cats dig you when you're pregnant. Like, a lot.

Luckily Lucy still digs me now, pregnant or not, which is pretty nice. Pretty nice indeed.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for ICLW! It was so nice to "meet" you, and I appreciate your visits and your comments more than you know!


Shanna said...

My cats did that with me too when I was pregnant. It was weird that they were on my the minute I thought about sitting down when I was pregnant the first time and all three of them had to be covering my stomach. After I lost that one they would have nothing to do with me for months after, almost like they blamed me or something. Then with Marjorie they would still sit on me but it didn't seem so desperate. Almost as if they knew something was going on with the first one but that Marjorie was ok. I totally believe that animals know things that we don't.
Glad your cats are still keeping you warm. Mine now have to run for their lives when the girl enters the room.;)

areyoukiddingme said...

Well, they certainly made sure you didn't need that blanket!

lady pumpkin said...

You're a cat lady! I love it. There's something very comforting about being lounged upon by the furries, isn't there? During my brief pregnancy, we were still in France and our kitties were in Maryland, and so I can't speak to that aspect, but I can tell you that when I go to bed with the door open and feel the gentle paw-falls of grey kitty on the comforter, it makes me feel well taken care of. Stripey kitty is a lot less subtle; I don't think she can move without talking, and so her arrival is somewhat less surreptitious.

Sounds like those photos of Thomas needed looking at, even if it was tough. You're a strong one. Sending hugs.

- lady pumpkin

Jul said...

I have such kitty envy! I would love to curl up on a couch with three of them. Alas, I have my (horribly allergic to cats) husband instead. At least he's a good cuddler. :)

(Visiting from ICLW a little bit late. I blame Oktoberfest.)