Sunday, September 12, 2010

Firth and Saunders

I recently read that men have a preferred sex while women have a more preferred sex. Which totally explains how I currently have a crush on both Colin Firth and Jennifer Saunders.

I will swing both ways, apparently, as long as the object of my affection is English. And in show business. And attractive. And talented.

So anyway...

Colin and I went to the movies together on Friday night. We totally, totally did.

My absolutely fabulous sister snagged four tickets to the Toronto International Film Festival's premiere of The King's Speech on what was Mr. Firth's 50th birthday. He attended the gala premiere, of course, where I (and about two hundred other people) witnessed his utter and complete gloriousness on the red carpet.

I only caught a glimpse, really. I was rushing back from the ticket office with our tickets when I heard, "COLIN! COLIN! COLIN!", from the frenzied crowd on the red carpet just as he moved his way into the media tent.

But a glimpse of Colin Firth is nothing to sniff at.

Oooh, it would have been nice to actually sniff him...can you imagine?!

Anyway, Colin Firth, Geoffry Rush, and the film's director, writer and some other people (whose names and titles escape me because they were introduced to the audience after Colin Firth, thus rendering me completely incapable of paying any attention to them whatsoever) all sat in the theatre and watched the movie along with us.

It was a big theatre, and I didn't actually know they were in the audience until after the film ended, but it still totally counts.

I went to the movies with Colin Firth.

As for Jennifer Saunders, I've spent the last two weeks blowing through the entire 5 seasons of Absolutely Fabulous (including specials and extras). I can't believe it took me 40 years to discover the awesomeness of AbFab.

Where. Have. I. Been?!

I now want to be her. Not the charmingly amoral character she plays, but her. That career. I want that career.

Never mind that I'm nowhere near anything resembling an actress, have never taken any acting classes, and have no desire to actually be an actress. I just think it would be amazing to write something that clever; to put something so awesome out into the world that it has the power to inspire a 40-year old, musty-brained copywriter to want to do more with the words in her head.

So when I grow up I want to be Jennifer Saunders.

Failing that, I would also consider becoming Colin Firth's second wife when My Beloved chucks me after reading this post.

Stay tuned...


areyoukiddingme said...

I have been craving an Absolutely Fabulous marathon lately, but no one has been reading my mind and running one lately. I may have to purchase a collection or something.

Pamela said...

Oh, you'll have to fight me for Colin -- he had me at Darcy. As for writers, I lean more to Tina Fey ...

ApronStringsEm said...

LOL! I love this post! Hubby and I have our "list" ... people we're allowed to "be" with, if the opportunity should ever come. Number 1 on my list is Johnny Depp; Number 1 on Hubby's is Jessica Alba.

Yeah ... that'll never happen!

lady pumpkin said...

Ah, yes, celebrity boyfriends and girlfriends...Jude Law and Edward Norton are on my list, as well as maybe John Cusack (who doesn't love John Cusack?). I know Jodie Foster would be on N's, but I'm not sure who else...I've never seen AbFab; good stuff?

Suzy said...

ahh Ab Fab. I used to watch that every week with my mum when I was younger. I love Jennifer Saunders too :)

Sandy said...

I laughed at this one - and you've made me realize how much I'm looking forward to watching Love Actually sometime between now and Christmas - it's our together tradition.