Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy X2

So, the dancing? In a word, Fabulous!

Not us, of course. We were mediocre at best, really. We stepped on each other (a lot), we lost concentration and laughed, we made stupid jokes and giggled when we should have been listening, our basic cha-cha looked more like a pot bellied pig and a giraffe having a synchronized seizure, the waltz made my right bum cheek ache (I don't think the waltz is supposed to hurt), and I was scolded by My Beloved more than once for leading (because apparently it's the man that leads. Hunh).

But still, fantastic. A solid hour in his arms - and no room in our dance-challenged brains for any of our cares or woes.


And then today, after paying for a cab ride back to the train station from a meeting, I was handed a toonie (Canadian for a $2.00 coin), and two caramels by the cab driver.

The toonie, he said, was for a cup of coffee. And the caramels? Something sweet to go with it.

In the history of cab rides has anyone ever been given money back at the end of the trip? AND candy, for heaven's sake?! I've been wracking my brain all afternoon trying to figure this out. But since there's no logical explanation for it, I'm just going to assume that he had a good reason for doing such an unexpected and kind thing for a total stranger.

And I'm going to remember how this feels, and pass it on.


Jules said...

That sounds awesome! I'm glad you had a good time, and had a lovely cab driver. :)

areyoukiddingme said...

Wow! That's amazing! All the cab drivers I encounter are cranky and smell funny. What a way to brighten people's day.

"pot bellied pig and a giraffe having a synchronized seizure" I think that's the most hilarious string of words I've read all week!

Jennifer said...

That is so nice, I love that the cab driver did that. I'm very sorry about your losses.

nh said...

That sounds like you had fun - and wow at the cab driver!

Crossed Fingers said...

I'm so glad you had fun dancing! My husband wouldn't even think of going to a dance class with me. Boo!

Love that the stranger passed along his good mood - more people need to try and do that these days!

ICLW #115

christine said...

Actually, the waltz made my butt cheek hurt as well! My DH and I took a dance class last year and it was SO fun! Glad to hear you enjoyed yours!

ICLW #43

lady pumpkin said...

I lovelovelove this. Time in your honey's arms + a stranger's kindness = dynamite. Thanks so much for sharing!

-lady pumpkin

Terry Elisabeth said...

Wow. I had marriage proposals by taxi drivers (it was really late, I was in my twenties, slim and probably drunk and very tired and I laughed and said no) but they have never given me money or candy! I would have preferred that.

It looks like the seizure-like dancing was fun !

Happy ICLW