Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help make October 15th Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day in Ontario!

The Perinatal Bereavement Society of Ontario (PBSO) is working towards having October 15th officially recognized as Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day in Ontario. If you or someone you know has been touched by perinatal loss, please consider contacting your MPP and asking him/her to support this effort. It would mean a lot to bereaved parents in Ontario to have an official day during which to remember and honour our little souls.

The hope is that promoting awareness of pregnancy and infant loss will also increase the likelihood that bereaved parents will receive greater understanding and support from family, friends, co-workers, and health care providers as they face the challenges of this very complicated, life-altering and lifelong grief. 

I've included a link to the PBSO website where you'll find sample letters (for bereaved parents or supporters) with all the information you'll need, including how to find and contact your MPP.

Please consider helping out by writing to your MPP. 



Project Baby said...

This is great that they are thinking of doing this. Great post.

Rebecca said...

A great idea! Good luck with it.

I really enjoyed reading about your British crushes. So true...


Sarah S said...

Happy ICLW

Thank you very much for posting this!! I have a internet friend whose son was born sleeping a little over a year now and the PBSO has helped her out,

I am going to go send off the letter now!!

ICLW #100