Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Painting the town red-ish

A few weeks ago I boldly proclaimed that my goal was to do at least one thing a month that we couldn't do if we had kids. Not to gloat, as you'll recall, just to try to make the best of a situation we never wanted to be in, in the first place.

It was my attempt at silver-lining hunting, driven by a deep desire not to waste the rest of my life wishing for what I've lost and pining for what I can't have. Clearly I'm going to wish and pine for the rest of my life (who are we kidding?!) - I just want to make sure I do other stuff too.

The thing is, in all honestly, I can't exactly figure out what we can do that babysitter-enabled people can't. Which is a bit of a pisser, really.

So, for the sake of argument, let's just assume that no parents can ever find babysitters. Like, ever. Or if they can, they find they have to cancel their fancy evening plans because the baby sitter gets sick. Or has a really important term paper she needs to work on.  Or gets grounded for sneaking out of the house to go see a Justin Beiber concert or some such thing.

Let's just pretend.

Okay, so having said that - the thing we're doing this month that we clearly could never do if we had children is go dancin'! Yeah, that's right, I've persuaded My Beloved to take Ballroom dancing lessons at my church, and tonight is our first class.

This is probably akin to the agony of a root canal to most men, but My Beloved is awesome beyond all comprehension and won't refuse me the simple pleasure of dancing cheek to cheek.

Or cheek to teat, really. He's very tall.

Part of the lure is our ability to pay-as-we-go. If it's boring, bad or really, really embarrassing we need never return.

But I'm hoping we'll like it. And not fall down, and stuff.

We shall see.

In the meantime, I have my fingers crossed and my dancin' shoes on!


areyoukiddingme said...

I don't know if it's about babysitters. I think it's more about mustering up the energy to go out. That's what you've got that the people I know do not - energy.

Ballroom dancing sounds like such fun - it conjures up fancy dresses and tuxedoes and glamorous lifestyles. I hope the class is wonderful and that you want to keep going back!

Starry said...

Oh how lovely. h2b and I keep saying we are going to take swing dancing lessons but never get round to it.

I hope you enjoy it, love to know how you get on.


(I've had to comment under my real name because of google/blogger, I only have one account, but it's 2ctt)

Kakunaa said...

I think it sounds like a blast! Hubby and I never do stuff. LOL. And thank you for sharing your story for ICLW...I wish you all the best.

ICLW #90

Hope said...

Ooooo! I would love to go dancing with DH! But I doubt I could convince him.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm really sorry to hear about your losses. (((hugs)))

lady pumpkin said...

Have so much fun dancing! I loved taking lessons with N before our wedding. N, on the other hand, enjoys dancing but doesn't like to be told what to do. Good times. I know something else you couldn't (shouldn't) do if you had kids, babysitters or not: be on your cell or texting constantly. Lots of swearing. Maybe give one of those a spin? ;)

- lady pumpkin

Chloe Tribich said...

Thanks for sharing your story. What a lot you've been through. I'm about to start my 1st IVF cycle -- after having tried for a while using other methods -- and sometimes my partner and I talk about what we'd do without kids. Actually, he is really into the idea of living in a monastery or taking a 3 week guided hike of the Himalayas and though we would never do those things just loosing the possibility of them is a big deal. Still, I want a kid more.

Shanna said...

So how did it go? You are so lucky to even have the option to take lessons and it sounds like it is near home. If we wanted to we would have to go all the way to the Big City, which granted isn't all that far but with construction and traffic and EEK! other people, and with my hermity ways getting worse daily that just won't happen for me. And that would be with or without kids in my case because I should have stayed living in the northwoods of Wisconsin instead of moving to the big city. ;) I know, you got through the first line and then it was all BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, right? ;) Love ya and you two must to be so adorable on the dance floor together.

JL said...

Fun! I've been looking for a powerskating class so I can start playing hockey!

Happy ICLW!

loribeth said...

I'm envious -- I would love to take ballroom dancing lessons, but dh would never go for it. Have fun!