Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More musings

Does it say something about a person who makes it all the way to 37 before realizing that the "K" in Special K cereal stands for Kellogs?

I flipped through a couple of books on Infertility at Chapters the other day. One had all kinds of advice on things like dealing with uncomfortable social situations, making informed decisions about treatments, and when to let it all go and move on, etc. I perused a few passages that pertained to things that have been rumbling around in my head then shoved it back on the shelf. Like I was mad at it.

Because that makes sense.

It can be hard to resist the lure of the "I have it way worse than you" game, particularly on those days when you feel especially low and woebegone.

I sometimes play it in my head, but it has recently occurred to me that I'm not exactly sure how you win. Am I winning if I believe I do have it worse than someone else, or am I winning if I determine I'm better off? Is a lose-lose game one I should even be playing in the first place?

Yeah, really, no one should play this game. Ever.

My cat's leg is clicking. I don't know why. She doesn't seem to notice it so I'm not going to point it out.

Three years ago I was pregnant. I didn't know it yet, but I was about two days pregnant with my beautiful boy. It was the start of our 38 weeks together. The start of his very tiny life.

How can so much have happened in three years? How is it possible that he came and went without a single sound except one little gasp?

Three years. Good God.

My neighbours are away at a cottage this week. Because everything everyone else does always sounds so good to me, I want to be away at a cottage too.

Only clearly I'm not.


Is it possible to have too much yarn? Is it somewhat insane to buy yarn on sale when you have no plans at all for it? Is this an addiction? Should I be worried?

It's just that it's so pretty...

Two weeks ago My Beloved and I went to a Hallmark warehouse sale. We spent a total of $6.20 (including tax) on items that would have cost us $1285.98 (including tax) if we'd purchased them in-store at regular retail prices.

We saved $1279.78.

I'm still riding that bargain high.

Oh, and if you need any gift bags, let me know.

If you tailgate - if you ride so far up my ass that I can see the colour of your eyes - I'm going to slow down and drive right on the speed limit.

Just so you know.

There's a mandatory watering ban being enforced in our town because we've had so little rain over the last month and a half.

I understand the need to conserve, but the thought of my beautiful lawns drying up to match the brown of the rest of the neighbourhood is making me a little crazy. Plants and grass are the only things I can nurture and help grow right now and not being able to take care of them the way I want to is torture.


Lucy is happily scratching her claws on the carpet at the top of the stairs. With gusto.

I don't think the clicking leg is an issue at all.

Crisis averted.


niobe said...

I might never have figured out what the K in Special K stood for if you hadn't told me. Let's not get into what that says about me.

delphi said...

Certain people I, ahem, know may or may not have snuck out in the middle of the night occasionally to distribute H2O to certain plants. Not that I am suggesting it, of course.

I didn't know about Special K. Duh.

Sherry said...

I knew about the "K" but probably because I have an unfair advantage: My uncle worked for Kellogg for 30 years. =-D

I, too, have heard stories of people giving their parched plants the occasional midnight sprinkling during times of drought. Just sayin' ... ;-)

Patience said...

Really? It stand for Kellogg's???

BasilBean said...

I never even gave the Special K thing a single thought before. I'm curious how this revelation came to light for you...

Also, I'm glad that your rant for rain worked.

Elizabeth said...

Another yarnie! :-) I see yarn as an investment in a non-fattening mental health booster. But maybe it doesn't actually need that kind of medicalized self-justification.