Monday, July 21, 2008

20 more reasons to be happy...

1. The cat managed to contain her vomit to the mat in the bathroom instead of choosing the hardwood floors or a carpet that can't be picked up and thrown into the washing machine.

2. It was just a dream. I don't actually have to use an open toilet situated in the middle of an occupied boardroom.

3. As long as I use the right product and don't move my head around too much during the process, my hair looks passably fine when it's air dried.

4. The fact that my hair takes hours to completely air dry must mean that I have a lot of it and will likely never go bald.

5. The CNE has a "Food Products" day. I smell free samples.

6. 2 for 1 roasting chickens. Technically this was something that made me happy yesterday when I went out to score my free chicken, but it counts since I'm still basking in the afterglow of an excellent deal today.

7. All of a sudden there are four huge lemon cucumbers in our garden. After weeks of fussing and worrying, there they are.

8. No one can tell you're procrastinating when you freelance from home. Unless they read your blog.

9. We don't have a pool and can't take a vacation this summer, so I don't need to subject myself to the horror of purchasing a new bathing suit.

10. I've only had to drag the sprinkler out twice this summer. Mother Nature has seen fit to provide all the rest of my lawn watering needs.

11. I have mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer.

12. I'm tall enough to reach the freezer.

13. I ate two raspberries straight off our tiny raspberry bush and they were as good as I remembered from my childhood days of picking wild raspberries at the cottage.

14. I did not have to share my raspberries with worms or insects of any kind. At least not that I noticed.

15. My therapist said she will help me manage my anxiety if I decide to have the exploratory surgery my OB recommended last week.

16. My therapist said there is peace in deciding to stop. There is peace in making a decision, period.

17. The hospital where Thomas was born and died responded favourably to my offer to help them add a prayer shawl element to their infant loss bereavement program.

18. I know people who I can ask for help before meeting with the hospital since I have no clue how to set up a prayer shawl program.

19. I'm not afraid to act when inspiration hits, even when I'm mostly clueless about what I've been inspired to do.

20. The fact that I still somehow manage to get inspired every now and then means that life hasn't completely beaten me down.


Julia said...

Mmmm... raspberries.
And the rest of this is so good to hear. Did I tell you before, btw, that I really like your therapist? If not, consider me as having said it just now.
Best of luck making those decisions.

stephanie said...

Those are all great reasons, sweetie. Miss you.

B said...

You really are very beautiful.

And I have no idea what a prayer shawl is but sounds like something I could use. It's icy in Syds tonight - not that World Youth Day has finished, the weather has turned cold like it is meant to be in winter.

Take care


B said...

That was meant to read "NOW that WYD has finished"

Rosepetal said...

I love number 20 most of all.