Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Letter #2

Dear God,

The following headline, in a prominent spot on my online news page, would seem to indicate that you didn't find my last letter all that amusing:

Motherhood "so much fun," says Jamie Lynn Spears

Fine. I'll stop ragging on breedingly-abled celebrities if you'll cool it with the Spears big baby fun headlines. And maybe ease up on the Brangelina twin watch stuff too, while you're at? Pretty Please?

I do have to thank you for cushioning the blow with the Woman finds baby bat in bra, thought it was cellphone headline immediately below the Spears one though. Classy move.



Terynn said...

Yes, it's dripping with sarcasm. Nope. Don't believe you're going straight to hell. God delights in you. You're the apple of His eye. He says so.

Rosepetal said...

Who's going straight to hell? Definitely not you!

Bon said...

personally, even as a semi-atheist, i find it hard to hold poor God responsible for the Spears clan.

but you'd think a nice plague of locusts or something on them would still be within his powers...