Monday, May 01, 2006

The daily numbers

36.48 - the number of degrees celsius I needed to finally get a coverline on my Fertility Friend chart
24.4 - the number of pounds I've lost since starting Weight Watchers in January
1 - the number of pieces of cake I ate to celebrate the previous fact
4 - the number of times I picked up and cuddled my nephew while visiting my in-laws tonight
1000 - the number of hours I could have spent playing with my nephew
1 - the number of newborn babies I had to coo over today
1 - the number of Academy Awards I should be given for being able to completely hide my agony when I coo over newborn babies
5 - the estimated number of hours it took us to compile our tax returns over the last week
1 - the number of arguments resulting from said tax compilation
1 - the number of OBs on staff in the hospital L&D at any given time
15,000,000 - the number of times we've ranted and raved about the previous fact
15,000,000 - the number of times we've ranted and raved about what the government owes us for the way it failed Thomas
0 - the amount we were allowed to claim for Thomas on our tax returns
0 - the amount of faith I have in government
0 - the amount of respect I have for politicians
0 - the amount of patience I have for empty promises
0 - the amount of energy I have for bullshit

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Sherry said...

Why is everything always about numbers? =-)