Thursday, May 25, 2006


This picture makes me smile, so I'm sending it out across the ether in the hope that it makes someone else smile too.

This is Lucy, the amazing toothless wonder, sleeping (or pouting - hard to tell) on My Beloved's side of the bed. I think she misses him when he's not here, so she gets as close to the real thing as possible and snuggles in for the day.

Cats are good to know. Really, really good to know.


Anonymous said...

Love the pic and it sure makes me smile cats are truly amazing and great to talk to ;)

Catherine said...

Made me smile...thanks.

Sherry said...

What a wonderful picture of your furry, toothless companion. = )

Just last night I was looking at my 3 crazy felines as they followed me from room to room, and I was so thankful that they're a part of my life - they're such sweet creatures and love me even on the really rough days. That's love, baby.

P.S. Is that Thomas' bear in the background?

msfitzita said...

Yes, it is Thomas' bear :)

The nurses at the hospital bought it for him and many of the photographs we have of Thomas have bear in them too.

He sits on our bed every day and then moves to his own special chair at night.

I'm crazy and I don't care! :)

sillyhummingbird said...

As mother to two felines, I couldn't agree more. Cats are amazing companions! Thanks for the picture.

miraclebaby said...

I agree. Cats are wonderful.

Erin said...

she made me smile :)

MB said...

I smiled. What a doll.