Wednesday, July 12, 2006


What a whiny-ass post that was yesterday. See? I'm just terrible when I'm sick - I wear out far, far too many violin strings.

I'm sparing you tonight since I'm feeling wretched and just want to go lay in bed with my People magazine and my Kleenex Ultra Soft.

Until tomorrow then.

P.S. To My Beloved, thanks for the reminder. oxox


kate said...

I do believe, my dear, that there is nothing wrong with being whiny every now and again. Especially when you are sick.

(((((((hugs)))))) and i hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better very soon and you deserve to be whiny when your sick ;) Get well vibes coming your way!!!

miraclebaby said...

Hey sometimes I am whiny even when I am not sick. I prefer to call it honesty...:)

Denise said...

I hope you are on the mend soon...I think we are all entitled to a whiny day now and again. (((hugs)))