Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The world's most watched TV star and other nonesense

So I read in the paper this morning that David Hasselhoff - international recording artist and the world's most watched TV star, according to his official website - hurt his arm recently but is recovering well.

Apparently this happened while he was shaving in a London gym. He hit his head on a chandelier, sending glass showering down on his arm.

Um, what?

How tall is this dude? A chandelier - really? Just exactly how ritzy are athletic facilities in jolly old England? Was he perhaps hanging off the chandelier? How did only one arm get injured? Did he ever finish shaving? Does any of this seem just a wee bit off to anyone else? Will the real story, in all its sordid glory, ever be told?

Why is it that reading the paper only leaves me with more questions? And stupid ones at that?

Nonetheless, I need thank big chandelier-busting Dave for distracting me from my own woes. Misery really does love company - apparently even if it's his.


Catherine said...

I read that it was a glass shelf in his hotel room bathroom. hmmm...very interesting...

hoping4_zzzsss said...

LOL - um I would have the same questions...:)

lauralu said...

is there anything about d hasselhoff that *doesn't* seem dodgy? i mean, really.