Monday, July 24, 2006

This isn't the real blog

I have a blog in me, but no inclination to write it down tonight.

It's hot as Hades in here because I took the office fan down to the family room. So now the office is hellish and fanless and I'm hot, irritable and unable to blog properly because of it (being a temperamental writer-type and all).

I could go get the fan, but what I really want to do is go back downstairs to the cool family room, pick up my crocheting and watch something happy and mindless until it's time for bed.

That sounds like a perfectly delicious thing to do and because I can, I'm going to.

The blog in my head will just have to wait for another day.


Catherine said...

You tease. You can't talk about your beautiful crocheting and not share a photo! What are ya working on?

Laura said...

yeah, what are ya workin on?--poke, poke. I'm poking you this time :)