Thursday, August 03, 2006

In summary

My Day:

1. Blood draw from friendly phlebotomist who left an alarming bruise on my arm

2. Dildocam with accompanying uncomfortable conversation about upcoming baby shower tech is throwing for her sister

3. Awkward waiting room conversation with fellow patient that started with her query about length of post-dildocam wait times. Thomas mentioned. Not sure if I should have done that...

4. Consultation with doctor (the one who did the D&C after my first miscarriage and who re-stapled me when I sprung a leak after Thomas' C-section. He didn't remember me, but I can't forget the sorrow that clings to him)

5. Prescription for Clomid

6. Is that the smell of fear?

7. Worrying and driving

8. Visit with my parents, complete with toasted tomato sandwich (a restorative and all-too-brief reprieve from the scary world)

9. Grocery shopping

10. Drug store shopping

11. Battle with the humidity-ravaged front door lock

12. Muttered expletives

13. Garage door entry

14. People magazine, chocolate and 90210

15. Dinner preparation

16. Dinner with wine

17. More wine

18. My Beloved, at long last

All's well that ends well.


delphi said...


From a fellow bruiser, if you hold pressure on the location of the blood draw for about 5 minutes afterwards, you usually won't bruise.

Good luck.

Sherry said...

Damn vampires found you, too. = (

But, with People, chocolate, wine, your Beloved, AND 90210, it almost makes this bearable. Almost.