Thursday, August 31, 2006

Writer for hire

So it's come to this - a shameless plea for work.

See the thing of it is, for a number of reasons getting a full-time gig just isn't feasible at the moment (I could be wrong, but I just don't see employers jumping at the chance to hire someone who lives at the doctor's office and who, presuming all goes well, is planning to be fully engaged in the process of maintaining a high-risk pregnancy in the hopefully near future).

But freelance writing, well there's another story. I can work around my dates with the dildocam and it doesn't require a full-time, onsite commitment which I just can't make right now.

Aside from blogging about my son and my desperate attempts to procreate, I've written everything from newspaper ads and radio commercials to really, really, boring corporate brochures over the last twelve or so years.

I'm a whore, is what I'm saying. I'll write just about anything for just about anyone.

So, uh, if you know anyone who needs a freelance writer, point them my way, won't you?

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog...


Erin said...

I'll keep my ears peeled.

hereiam said...

I'm a quiet lurker to your site but I'm addicted...I read it everyday!
Someday when things have turned around for you you should to get this blog published. I think it would make an amazing book.

Anonymous said...

I will keep me ears open and yes I agree you should one day publish your blog it has been an amazing read and one I just cant stop reading......your a fantastic writer!!!

Bronwyn said...

I've been freelancing for a while and although the most lucrative gigs are usually local, there a bunch of online talent pools and submission lists that might be helpful to you. If you're interested, email me at and I'd be happy to send you some links.

And I third the motion to publish your blog! I just heard a program on BBC Radio 4 that was talking about the phenomenon of blog books.

Teresa said...

I can vouch for you! Having worked with you in many capacities over the years, I've always thought you were an awesome writer!