Sunday, November 27, 2005

Angels among us

If you stop to look, you'll find angels all around you. Here are a few I've been blessed enough to have in my life these last few days.

Sherry: When she heard I was visiting Thomas' grave to see his marker for the first time on Friday, Sherry asked her own little angel Ryan, who joined Thomas in heaven just a little over three months ago, to be with me and bring me comfort because she knew how hard it was going to be for me.

R: Disillusioned by the commercialism and greed she witnessed on "Black Friday", R donated $100 to her local hospital's "Tree of Life" program in Thomas' name. This year the lights shining on the Christmas tree outside the hospital will represent donations made to the Special Care Level II Nursery which serves newborns needing special or critical care in a fully equipped neonatal nursery. Because of the size of her donation, Thomas' light will shine each and every year and his name will be inscribed on the Permanent Tree of Life Board.

L: Another "virtual" friend I've met and will hopefully know for the rest of my life, L told me that every single night she and her beautiful little boy pray for baby Thomas. It's been almost nine months since he came and went and she still prays for him every day.

I am indeed blessed. And with more than just these three angels. There are many more, and they are truly all around me. Their hugs, encouragement, comfort and humour help pull me through the dark days, and they are right there with their smiles and laughter to help me celebrate the good ones.

That old saying is so true - it is during hard times that you discover what kind of friends you really have.

I know mine are angels in disguise.


mscooter said...

You have our nightly prayers, and my love, support, and friendship for as long as you'll have me around. Friends like *you* don't come around all that often so I think I'll keep you... if that's ok.

L x

Sherry said...

Okay ... now, it's not fair to make me cry at work! But, it was a good cry, so it's all good. =-)

You have done so much for me over the last few months - more than you may ever know - so I'm just trying to give back what I've gotten from you. ((((((HUGS))))))