Thursday, February 16, 2006

Feelin' hot hot hot

This afternoon I thought of a very profound subject that I'd planned for tonight's blog...but it left my mind. This leads me to believe that it probably wasn't all that profound after all. Or that perhaps I should consider talking to the doctor about my short term memory.

Anyway, instead I will post a question that has been puzzling me for years: Why, dear God WHY, do stores jack up the heat in the winter when they know that customers are coming in wearing coats - and that they usually leave them on while they shop??

My Beloved and I went out to Chapters tonight and came dangerously close to being lulled into comas whilst browsing, so high was the blessed heat in the store. We started out okay, but by check out time it was all we could do to drag our heavy, sweaty, muddle-headed bodies over to the perky cashier (she, of course, wasn't wearing a coat).

I know some people like it hot, but a fresh, cool environment is far more conducive to shopping, is it not? Especially shopping in a bookstore which, by nature, tends to be a bit more of an intellectual pursuit. I could buy groceries in a heat wave - an apple here, a can of soup there - but at a bookstore I have to read. I can't read when it's hot, I can't make decisions when it's hot - I can't even think when it's hot.

All I do is whine when it's hot. Whine and write whiny blogs.

Thanks Chapters.


rachel said...

A good question, my friend. I wonder this same thing quite often while visiting the local mall. You are not whiney, you silly girl.

I do have a whine of my own. I now have Buster Poindexter and his Banshees of Blue singing HOT HOT HOT in my head. And they will. Not. Stop.

mscooter said...

Ole, ole, ole, ole, feeling hot, hot, hot...

Did I tell you I once broke my ankle doing a congo line to this song in the 11th hour of a 12 hour dance-a-thon in high school?

DYK I was known as hopalong for a year afterwards?