Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And again, thank you

Chrissy, Christy, Minna, Abby, Mags, Denise, Shelley, Claire, Carolyn, JellyJen, JenJR, Leslie, Jenn, Sarah, Natalie, Amy, Nina, JPup, Leah, Elle, Nikki, Kori, Nichole, Jess, Danielle, Kimber, Adrienne, Rosemarie, Najimi, Carli, Julia, Cheryl, Mary, Rachel, Sherry, Michelle, Kristin One-One, Stephanie, Anam, Rosepetal, DinoD, Kathy, Auntie Margo, Linda, Mom and Dad, and all the ladies in blogland who left comments and love and hugs...

Thank you for all the things you did, both big and small, to help remember Thomas and to celebrate his birthday with us.

I've tried, but I can't properly express how much it means to us to know that he is still loved and missed, and that he is still making an impact on the world he left far too soon.

So just thank you.

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Bon said...

it matters, doesn't it? when all you have to protect is a memory, having the world remember your child and honour him is a very beautiful thing.

just found you via Catherine at Everything is Under Control. can't figure out why it took me so long. :)

we have our own "two" coming up at the end of next month. i'll remember to look up and look for shooting stars.