Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thank you

We are truly overwhelmed.

The charities people have chosen to support in memory of our boy are wonderful, and your generosity is, once again, totally mind boggling. We are so grateful to our friends both near and far for keeping his spirit alive.

And to those who are keeping Thomas close in their thoughts and prayers tomorrow, and those who are celebrating with cake and candles too, thank you. Those sweet, simple remembrances warm my heart and give me more comfort than you can possibly imagine.

He was a going concern for those precious few months I knew him. He'd kick at me when I'd sneeze, and when I'd poke him he'd poke right back. He was breech one week and head down the next. He was busy. Very, very busy indeed.

And so I don't think he would have been someone who'd have rested on his laurels. I truly believe he'd have made an effort to make a difference in this world if he'd stayed. And that's why I know he must be beaming from ear to ear knowing that so many beautiful things are being done on his birthday to help other children and other people in need - and to give his Mommy and Daddy such comfort.

So from all three of us, thank you.

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