Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Laziness + Nostalgia = this

(P.S. I say "laziness" because, as anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time knows, this has already been posted here. It just feels like a re-run kind of day, that's all.)


Ruby said...


I'm relatively new to your blog and haven't seen this before. Thanks for the 're-run'.

Kim said...

I thought I'd read all your archives, but I missed this somehow.

That was so beautiful. You and your Beloved are a beautiful couple, with a beautiful son. I just don't have any other word but beautiful!

Praying for peace for you.

Shinny said...

It still brings tears to my eyes. You two look so happy in your pictures. I wish that Thomas was here to be surrounded by the love of his parents. I have a feeling that he still can feel the love and is sending his own back to you.
Wishing you much luck in the coming year and hope that you get a child to share that love with.

Woman who knits said...

It's as touching as it was the 1st time I saw it. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

pipsylou said...

I am a blubbering mess. Why didn't you put a warning on this? :) This was so beautiful. And Thomas is SOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable. Little peanut is right!

Thinking of you.