Monday, March 05, 2007


The church secretary had no explanation for the Mass not being listed in the bulletin, nor for why it was mysteriously moved to tomorrow instead of Thursday (something I didn't know until I called). But the good news is that she was very sympathetic to my situation. Likely because I didn't waste any time whipping out the dead baby story.

And in the end, she actually offered to move the Mass to Friday instead.

So while it won't be printed in the bulletin, it will be announced at Mass - and that Mass will be on his actual birthday.

Will wonders never cease?

Heaven help them if another clerical error screws up the announcement of his name on Friday. I cannot be held responsible for my actions should that happen. I will need a throat to throttle.

In the interim, I think I'll just keep hoping for the best.

'Cause that always works out soooo well for me.


Rosepetal said...

I hope they manage to not screw this up (like I did with Thomas' birthday - I am so so sorry).

Ruby said...

I'm glad it will be on the day you wanted it on in the first place. Still sorry you had to go through that.

Erin said...

I'm glad they made an effort in fixing it.

lauralu said...

we have a similar story - in our case, with a support group newsletter that omitted our son's name, after we waited for it all year while we read the names of other stillborn babies. it's a small thing in the scheme of things, but it was so huge to us, when it was all we had, so i think i understand your pain. i'm glad they worked it out, and i hope the mass is a comfort to you.

Margaret said...

I'm so glad they worked it out for you. I'll be thinking of you, your beloved and Thomas!

kate said...

I am glad they worked it out for you...i would have hoped they would, i mean, really. Lauralu's story about the support group newsletter reminded me that that happened to me *too*. It is amazing how important these 'little things' become, when they are all we have.

Sandy said...

These are in no way little things. I'm glad they were able to work things out, and I'll be remembering your Thomas in my own prayers this week.