Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good things about today

Because I've been dwelling entirely too much on the bad things lately...

1. My Beloved searching for something to make me smile and finding a bloopers show on TV. For an hour I sat and laughed. Laughed, if you can believe it.
2. Playing Ping Pong for the first time in months and getting soundly beaten. Twice. (Okay, so that part wasn't so good, but it wasn't unexpected either and consistency is good, right?)
3. A tall glass of iced tea when I was hot and thirsty after coming home with a thousand bags of groceries.
4. The ice-cold beer store (A perfect place to browse through when the mercury climbs into the high 20s).
5. The boxes (and you know who you are).
6. Looking at my angel garden and watching Thomas' tree sway in the breeze.
7. Homemade rhubarb pie.
8. Filing several months worth of bank statements and bills (I really need to file more often...).
9. Not ironing.
10. Chocolate.
11. Perfectly BBQ'd salmon.
12. The fact that three of the things on this list are food and I don't care.
13. Warm kitty snuggles.
14. Internet access.
15. Neighbours.
16. Hope. Not because I happen to have any at the moment, but because I know that there's still time to find some. We're not beaten yet. We have time - we have months to go. And so we also have hope.


miraclebaby said...

I have hope for you, as little or as much as that means.

Ruby said...

I'm glad laughing again. Bloopers work every time.

I was wondering what kind of tree that is in your garden?

niobe said...

mmmm....homemade rhubarb pie. Sounds perfect.

Abby said...

I'm glad there were good things in the midst of the bad. H&S!

Woman who knits said...

I think you forgot . .We live in a world where you can crochet a pastie bikini!!! *snicker*