Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is why I hang up on telemarketers

ME: (Hoping it's a long distance friend but fully aware it's probably a telemarketer) Hello?

TELEMARKETER: Good afternoon, can I please speak to Mr. or Mrs. Z?

ME: (Annoyed, but resigned to making sure it's not actually something important) Speaking.

TELEMARKETER: This is a courtesy call. I'm calling from XYZ Foods. We're a wholesale grocery delivery company specializing in delivering fresh produce and groceries directly to your door. Families typically save anywhere from 20 - 30% off of their regular weekly shopping bill by using our convenient delivery service.

ME: (Having resisted the urge to simply hang up, which is my normal reaction to telemarketers, I find myself actually interested in finding out more about XYZ and have decided to ask if they'll send me information or can direct me to their website).

TELEMARKETER: Do you have three or more people in your home that you shop for on a weekly basis?

ME: (Wondering why this matters) No.

TELEMARKETER: Thank you for your time. *CLICK*

ME: (Staring blankly at the receiver, I am aghast that this woman has hung up on me because I only shop for two. As I slowly hang up the phone I want to cry. I don't, but I want to.).

So yeah, this is why I hang up on telemarketers.


Mad Mommy said...

if you'll pardon me for saying so, fucking unbelievable. if you'll pass along the name of the company, i'll be happy to boycott it on your behalf.

Sara said...

How rude! I hate how even marketers conspire to remind us of what we have lost (okay I know it's not a real conspiracy, but it feels like it.)

Catherine said...

I think a friendly little call to XYZ food company might be in order to "discuss" the rudeness of their telemarketers. But I'm a bitch like that. :o)

niobe said...

What an unpleasant call. What an idiotic question. Not to mention extremely ineffective marketing.

I never hear from telemarketers since I put my name on the do-not-call list. And I like it that way.

Bronwyn said...

Grrrr... is all I can say. I'd be happy to boycott them as well, if you feel like sharing the idiot company's name.