Monday, May 28, 2007

No whining or ranting (I promise) - just a few pictures

The vegetable garden, newly planted (you can just see the two rows of very, very tiny beet seedlings if you look reaaaaally closely...). I added a sage plant tonight and will fill up the remaining spaces with herbs, I think...

The Angel Garden, complete with its brand new arbor! I planted two "Little Duckling" Clematis vines on either side of it this evening, but from what I understand they can take a few years to really take hold. Good thing the arbor is purdy all on its own (if I do say so myself!).

Thomas' tree is off in the background.

And finally, what picture show is complete without a big fat cat ass?


Catherine said...

Such a great raised veggie/herb bed! I am totally jealous.

The flower garden and arbor look great! I think the clematis will really make a statement.

Laura said...

Oh, I've always wanted a raised veg. garden like that! Ours is surrounded by cinder blocks. Maybe next year... Thomas' garden is so nice--I love that arbor.

I have a fat cat ass exactly like that at home. I thought Beverly had escaped for a second!

Lisa P. said...

I'm jealous too, although a) I couldn't grow things that well and b) we have too many deer for me to have a bed like that without a HUGE fence. :)

Nicely done though!!

delphi said...

Clematis: If you mulch the roots really well and water it frequently, you should get pretty good growth out of it. It likes cool, wet feet (but of course, don't overwater). A little Miracle Grow will help, too.

I love the raised beds. They are lovely and they make such a difference on the back. I have noticed WAY fewer weeds in my raised beds than in my old ground level veggie garden.

Nothing like a little kitty-butt first thing in the morning!

kate said...

Awesome! I just love the raised veggie garden! The whole thing looks alot neater than my mess LOL.

Clematis -- i think it depends on the variety, i have had very good luck with mine but i have the easy ones!

wannabe mom said...

thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful garden. and i love the fat cat ass, i'm growing my kitty's butt just like it.