Thursday, October 13, 2005

Grief is...

I saw this on my travels through blogland and was stunned by how true each and every one of these statements is. It was so well said I thought I'd post it here too.

Grief is laughing with your children and wishing for the absent one to make the circle complete.
Grief is crying in your car at stoplights.
Some days grief makes you brutally honest; other days,grief muzzles you.
Grief reconstructs your heart.
Grief is sadness, hope, smiles and tears - rolled tightly like a snowball.
Grief makes you search past the stars and the moon for Heaven.
Grief strips you of everything you were pretending to be.
Grief gives you new priorities.
Grief opens hidden treasures from deep within your soul.
Grief allows you to empathize more deeply with others who ache.
Grief makes you unapologetically bold.
Grief is a daily companion, best dealt with by admitting you do walk with it, even after all these years.
Grief is the price of love; grief is a gift


Anam Cara said...

You are right - they are all so true.
Thanks for sharing it.

Sherry said...

I sat here nodding as I read each one. The last one especially got to me. Thanks for sharing (((HUGS)))

Sarah said...

Grief is hard, but I did like reading all of the other statements.